Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rolling Again

Today, I went on an outdoor bike ride; the first one in a while; the weather and opportunity finally permitting it. It could be the last outdoor ride in many months and there was an awareness that I should savor this like the last piece of candy in a bag.

There was some difficulty and a certain amount of pain in getting the bike out of the back of the truck with my bad shoulder. Thankfully, there was little pain as I leaned onto my bars and started the ride. The strong wind was blowing dry brown leaves onto the road. When the tires rolled over them it sounded like tortilla chips being crushed. The wind in my face refreshed the feeling of freedom that had laid dormant in my soul. The beauty of the fall colors on this country road, the movement, the wind in my face, the absence of vehicular traffic just made me smile. I was rolling again; getting close again. The big hill - about a mile long - into the wind was welcomed. Standing to pedal, I could not but smile. Uncertainty overcome - The power was still in the legs. And the the power of God was still in control, through the warmth, the peace, the love often unseen until revealed by special times, special places, such as this. Though impending surgery on my shoulder loomed like dark clouds on the horizon, nothing could interrupt this union, this communion; sort of a Last Supper, out on a country road out rolling again.