Sunday, May 25, 2014

Waiting to Hear From Heaven

No more, I said. The game was over. Time to be a normal person. Do regular stuff. You are too old. You have too many other family obligations. You have worn out knees. You weren't that good to start with. Maybe God has taken me right where He wanted me to go.

It is hard to believe I am even thinking about getting back on the ironman training wagon. And perhaps ironman is not what He is taking me to. Perhaps, God knows that the ironman failures - despite my best heart and effort -have seasoned me sufficiently to follow some other calling He has for me. I am praying about this.

But, ironman keeps coming back. Seldom a day goes by without reading some report on Ironman Texas or researching training or nutrition tips. There is a quote that goes something like --never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about. If that quote is the standard, then I should do the ironman. Ironman haunts me like a live-in ghost. I pray and pray---for others, for discernment, for honesty with myself, for strength, for courage, and for the will to go for the ironman.

So I wait to hear from heaven. Dear God: is the journey really over? Or, do you want me to go on?