Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Not That Good

Next Saturday, May 5th, I think I am in for a "whuppin." My plans are to complete the CB & I Triathlon in The Woodlands, Texas. Most likely, there will be some really good "older guys" at this event, as there has been the past three times I have done this one. I have only placed in my age group once at CB & I. At other events, there are usually only one or two in my age group and all I have to do is show and finish to get a medal. Not so at this event. These old guys are the real deal. They are good. I'm not that good. However, I usually turn in a great preformance (for me)though my great performance barely keeps me out of last place in my age group. God didn't seem to make me any good at this stuff, but don't think I haven't ask "why not?" I love this stuff! Maybe loving something this much and being able to do it at all is blessing upon blessing and good enough? Yes, I have been blessed by the experience that is endurance sports. Maybe I don't have to be all that good to get God's richest blessings from it. So Saturday I will take what I have, revel in my blessings, and do the best I can to "run the race set before me." And in my faith life, I will be the best I can be, but looking to Jesus to make me "good enough." On my own I'm not that good.

Friday, April 27, 2012

You Are My Ironman !

The idea is still exciting and challenging to think about, though I have failed on this journey once already. When I examine my realities, I have to say this was wrong; I’ve misread the vision, and my ego has drawn me off into the unreal and impossible. No, it just can’t be.
Yet, behind it all, in spite of all that is rational and sane; I know. I know. It is unexplainable; it is foolhardy and seems almost impossible. But there is a knowing I cannot escape from and a knawing in my soul that I cannot truly deny. I wish it would go away, but the harder I push it down, the more it rises to the surface of my consciousness and my conscience. I must confess; I am afraid. Perhaps I am to only try; commit to this totally in the face of what the world would term “reality.” Perhaps, my quest is simply one of obedience; to obey if only for the opportunity to try and to fail. But disobedience is failing already. With the opportunity to fail comes the opportunity to be blessed, with success as a possibility, and the voice of God sounding in my ears at the finish line.

“Well done, my faithful servant. You are My Ironman!

Friday, April 20, 2012


"Let's run home!" I told my two grandchildren.  We had been at their neighborhood park playing, and running home seemed to them such a grand idea.  I ran  close behind.  The oldest outpaced the youngest granddaughter and I sensed her frustration.  So, I offered to carry her stuffed bear to free her arms up to run faster. 

And there I was; macho triathlete (ha), Ironman hopeful, carrying a stuffed bear, running behind two small children. I smiled at the thought of the picture the scene made, and I thought of this scripture:  "For whosoever exalteth himself shall be humbled: and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted." (Luke 14:11) 

Exalted?  Next day I had one great bike ride.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Giving Air to the Ego

"You could do that Austin half right now.  You know that."  I think she meant it when my wife dismissed my reservations about doing this event  in October.  

It made me think. Yeah, you know, I probably could.  I could probably push through this somehow to get it done, right now.  It wouldn't be pretty but it could be done. So, why do I give air to my fears?  Perhaps, it is to make my training seem that much more difficult and intense.  Perhaps I am giving air to my ego by giving air to my alleged fears? 

I feel the blessing of God in going for this.  Truth is, I would like to be in terrific shape for this event and qualify for the World Championship in my age group.  Today, let me face that truth, and train to make it real.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Real Than It Ever Has Been

It is always so amazing to see myself getting better.  Keeping records of my training tells me I am doing better and better.  It seems a miracle.  It always does. I think this is one of the reasons I train; just to experience the miracle of the growth of capability within me; just sampling the miracle again.  And as I age up, and the number of times left to particapate in this miracle decreases, I enjoy the miracle more and more, more than ever.  It is more real than it ever has been.

The celebration of the greatest miracle ever occurs tomorrow: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This year I joy that miracle more than ever; it is more real than it ever has been. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Life Cannot Be Sealed Up In a Tomb"

It is not just about the cross but also about the tomb.  Easter morning the tomb was empty.  He was not there.  "Because He lives, you shall live also."  Do we?  Or, do we call our lives hard names, and stay in  the safety of the despair of our tombs and try to call it life?

Oh, the wildflowers of Easter I see on my bike rides, the peaceful feeling of a run well done, the rhythmic power of some good swim strokes in the soothing medium of water, the little children with their Easter baskets, the vibrant green grass, the singing birds, and the eternal Hope in my heart, which says "come on out, to the life I have called you for.  I have paid the price; I have rolled away the stone from the tomb.  He is not here and neither should you be."

He is alive, and because He lives, I shall live also.