Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Good Choice--Hope

Facing a possible shoulder surgery, facing the down time, the lost opportunities and events; I rise the morning yet in hope.

With my fast yesterday there seemed to come a certain peace and knowing that there needed to be a different plan and perspective. We cannot build the future with the bricks of regret. The fasting was difficult and I became very hungry, especially with all the Christmas goodies already lying about. The hunger became the overriding thought and concern for that moment and regrets had to take the back seat. All I could seem to think of was those fresh roasted almonds in the pantry. Surprisingly, I awoke this morning not all that ravenous and feel I could go on in the fast for a couple more days, but I won't. The purpose is served.

I do endurance sports for the good life it gives me, the thrill, the discipline, the hope. But ultimately I do this for the glory of God. In this new event called surgery and rehabilitation may I make Him proud and glorify Him in this as well.