Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humbled Yet Again

A couple days ago I made it upstairs without knee pain. That was the first time in six months, yet I didn't notice the gift-at first. Of course, the thought went to WOW! Thanks God. And my running is improving - longer runs, faster paces.

It is amazing what we can learn to accept. Now I am excited to run a 15-16 minute mile. From my smile after those runs, you would think I just broke the world record or something. And The fact is pleasantly ignored that my running is still not good enough to get me to the finish line before the time cut-off. At these times it is easy to forget that each morning I hobble and stumble when I first get out of bed every morning.

However, the other morning I could not ignore the truth. My surging confidence must have lead me to get out bed too quickly. The bad knee wouldn't hold me. I started down; fell into my bike on the trainer and careened back across the bed, face down.

And I am going to do an Ironman? Yeah, sure. In almost a metaphor of this whole process, I slowly pulled myself up and cautiously stood; slowly walked. I had been humbled yet again. Perhaps that is part of the process; part of learning experience of this journey. Ah, there are so many lessons being taught in these Miles of the Journey. Thank you God. I managed a patient seven mile run that morning...and I didn't fall.