Friday, December 18, 2009

Pictures of the Past and the Future

There will be a shoulder surgery the first week of the year. There will be downtime. Keeping any serious degree of fitness will be difficult. There will be many hours of waiting, healing, pain, and some disappointment. Thank God for pictures and stories I have written. Maybe this will give me a chance to promote my book more? Read more? Write more? But, no doubt it will mean train less and race not at all. Passion will have to be replaced with patience.

The pictures of the past are the same ones I want back for the future. Perhaps that is some indication of a successful life. I truly would do it all over again. There is this picture of me after a long and eventually hot bike event, with the sweat obvious on my face. Oh, how many wonderful hot rides have I been on? Answer: about half as many as I would like to go on again in the future.

I feel blessed and thank God for all I had been allowed to do and for the hopes I have for the future.