Saturday, January 5, 2019

Four Months Later And Still No Wiser

Four months since my last post.  It seems I found myself saying the same thing and just got bored with myself.  I can imagine how the readers felt.  But, here I am on January 5, 2019 talking about ironman training once more.  What's to say?  It is going well, physically.  I am not injured and a lot of the larger workouts have  been done.  But, many have not and I am concerned that I just don't have it anymore; that I can't grind it out like I once did  I look at the hard, long training and think, do I really think I can do this?

I guess  self doubts are the villains of any project, purpose, or goal.  If that is true, it at least proves that I am partially normal.   Tonight I writes while in sweaty shirt from a trainer ride.  Lots of trainer rides.  Just got a wild hair to post on my blog.  Who knows, training delirium, I suppose.  The last post talks of rain, rain, rain.  That was in September and since then what have we had: rain, rain, rain; the wettest year ever here. I have ran on slick and mushy trails at a safe pace that can barely be called movement.  Riding outside is so limited that I go for weeks now without an outdoor ride.

It won't rain always, they say.  But they- whoever they is - say a lot of things that - as they say - ain't necessarily so.