Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Perfect Start

Thank God for the times when it all comes together. What a blessing when the plan becomes real. It was only this week but it was perfect. This was no easy task as the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” were out in force like a bunch of defensive linemen on a goal line stand. It was as if to say, “nobody has a perfect week. Nobody.” But I did. Today I finish up with an hour and a half run in a cold rain; finally perfect.
But this is only one week. I believe there are twenty five more to go. Of course, they won’t be perfect. I am human. But, I have a good training plan, and if I follow it as best I can, I believe I can finish my course; finish my ironman.
And I also believe that God has his perfect plan for me and my life. And, if I do my very best to follow His plan – though all my days and weeks won’t be perfect – one day I can finish His course. Praise God, I will have my perfect finish in Him.