Saturday, December 12, 2009

Night Run

It was a cold, damp, dark night for my first night run in a very long time. Back then most of my miles were done after dark. But, I had given up on night running several years ago after continued verbal warnings like "you are older now,", and "lots of stuff can happen to you out there running after dark" and "you know, you are not getting any younger." I guess I listened to the voices of imminent doom rather than picking up my light and getting on the road.

Of course, most of it all is true. Lots of stuff CAN happen to you at night and most of it is wonderful. There is the star-speckled night sky, the lessened traffic, and the eloquence of silence, except an howl hooting, coyotes yipping or the sound of your own footsteps and the brush-brush of the winter clothing. Additionally, there is a sense of adventure to night running that heightens the senses and enhances appreciation for the blessing of being alive. And, as far as the second argument, that I'm not getting any younger: Well, who is getting any younger anyway? Not even infants are getting any younger. So, I need to find my light, while I am still young enough; go out and greet God's handiwork and the inspiring experience that is night running.