Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Shoe Seems to Fit

I will be racing as a 75 year old this year and still I find my resilience amazing.  No, I don't want to brag on myself.  I want to brag on God. He has put this in me.  He has put this in you.  The abundant life is within us all, raw material from God, to develop, to use, to feel His presence in what we, mere mortals can do. 

I find it amazing that I can keep doing this year after year, that I get down, injured, turned aside, but somehow I get picked up off the canvass to fight another round. I am thankful.

Just got in from a windy 30 mile bike ride with hills. Yes, I am tired, but the fatigue has a sort of soothing effect to my being, remindful that  this is what I am supposed to be doing; who I am supposed to be.  The shoe seems to fit.  I love it and feel blessed beyond measure, even if it should end tonight.