Sunday, August 6, 2017


Again into the fray. Again the huge time, energy, and resource commitment; again, I have begun training for Ironman Texas.

It has been over three months since I participated in this event(I finished the swim and bike). But strangely, I don't have that "unfinished business" vendetta thing. It is more like a "peaceful, easy feeling" when I consider my last ironman attempt. I I am good with it so why go at it again, then. As strange as it might seem, I am at peace about this so it is tempting to stop right here and be content to savor that wonderful experience.

However, something different happened at that ironman effort a little over three months ago. I guess I didn't realize the amount of ego I had involved until I lost a healthy portion of it. This ironman thing has taken me down and has taken me up to a whole new platform and perspective that I can't really put into words.

Perhaps it was somewhere out there on that windy bike course of Ironman Texas, when I was stopped, exhausted, in pain, leaning over my handlebars in prayer. Perhaps it was the pervasive love and support I received from friends and family. Perhaps it was the intimate feeling of God being with me? Perhaps I lost something I did not need and received something I don't want to live without? Perhaps there is more? So, bring on the quest - Again.