Sunday, October 24, 2021


 Company here and so many distractions that the training for the fifth week was not that great.  There was a 60 mile bike ride with a 2 mile brick run following and later in the week a 2 hour run, but the passion seems subdued, in danger of more disruption from whatever personal wind might blow.  

This is ironman training at its best.  This is where its made or broken in the harder personal challenges that come against us;  to have to reach down and declare who and what you are about. Today I feel somewhat angry with myself and want to reaffirm not to let my calling down again. God help me to keep that promise.  God help me to live out my promise to Him, myself, and my wife to do my very best.  That hasn't happened yet, but I am determined to make it so.

I am tired of getting lost in the mire of everyday life issues to the extent that I lose sight of the journey I am on and what I am doing it for.  God help me to see the bigger picture of where this is leading and find my way to the whatever finish line He has in store.   Amen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ironman Texas 2022 Training Week #4 - Stagger Mode

 After a fairly good week, my training and personal momentum appear to  be in stagger mode.  Company is coming for several days and other family and personal stuff going on will  take me aside from myself.  My training is like a boat in the rapids that has gotten off course and it will be  a chore to get the vessel pointed in the right direction again.  After the next seven days are over, I think my craft will be in calmer waters and I can possibly move on down the river on my journey in the direction of my dreams

At the same time, it is not a good thing to wish it to be next week. That is, to wish pieces of your life away seems to be refusing the gift.  It would seem that all moments are worthy of living well in.  Not to do so might be seen as ungrateful for the moments God has given us, that we should wish them away; refusing the gift of the moment.   

The October Ironman Texas talk has me all excited and looking forward and I am so thankful for that.  So stagger mode or not, I am still moving forward this week, doing what training I can and thanking God for the time, the health, and the opportunity. Even in stagger mode, I am truly blessed.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Ironman Texas 2022 Training Week #3 - Sunday Morning - The Hope Within Me

 This training week is about over and it has been a good one.  The problem might be that it is I may be getting ahead of itself.  I don't want to be overcooked already in December for an event in April.  This coming week #4 is full of family obligations which should slow me down some.  So even an interruption may be good.  Getting started back may take some inertia overcoming though. "A body at rest tends to stay at rest."  

Yesterday was Ironman Texas 2021.  It was a lightly attended event probably for several reasons but at least they got it in.  That leaves me hopeful that the 2022 event has a good chance of coming to fruition.  It was exciting to share all the pre and post race excitement with the participants on the Facebook group and it left me hopeful for that same excitement in a bit over 6 months.

My test is to try to not get all heady and pumped up and put God off His front and center onto a back burner somewhere to be called if needed.  I need Him front and center whether I realize it at the time or not. The need is still there.  Of course, this is too big for me at age 78 to get through by myself.  I must take care always to realize what desperate straits I am in and not be led to believe otherwise by the glitz and excitement that is so much fun.  

This is all good and I can't wait to get back to the schedule after this coming week is over.  Thank you God for the Hope within me.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Ironman Texas Training Week #3 - Rocky Road

 Seems like every ironman venture gets to this spot in training and the dogs of war come out after me.  Lots of personal things that had to be taken care of have arisen, leaving me off my nutrition, behind on my schedule and a little exasperated.   Now, it is a chore to gather myself back up and make another effort forward on this journey.  This is where it is at: the real challenge is the day-to-day, in my opinion.  The event is full of inspiration and motivation to keep going as long as you possibly can, but the day-to-day, suffered out alone, for me is the biggest challenge of all:  the will to go on when you just are at your end before it even begins. 

My team is behind in this game and it is going to take a long drive to get it team rolling toward the goal line.  The saying that God will bring you through what He brought you to. I do hope He wants me to go on through,  because I really think that is where my heart is.  

Monday, September 27, 2021

Ironman Texas Training Week #2 - Trying to Get the Rhythm Going

 This is a transition time into the rhythm of ironman training.  The leftover mindset with it consequents habits still linger, slowing the training down and shifting focus.  It is sort of like breaking a horse.  It is hard to get the saddle on the days of training. 

I think it is sort of the way I think of myself.  It seems I haven't fully embraced what I am involved in here. It is quite easy and natural to drift only with life as before as I lose track that I need to get the days training in.  Consequently, I seem to always be catching up on my training.  

However, I have been doing really well sticking to my nutrition plan I made for this process. Winning some, losing some, some are a draw. So it is with my faith life.  I had planned to read a Bible chapter a day as means of keeping myself spiritually focused and committed to keeping God in the front and center of my effort.  Perhaps, I should do that first thing every day.  

"Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you."

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ironman Training Week #1 - The Weekend - Planning

 It is a cool morning in the country and I should be out running or riding.  However, I don't have my training plan in place and have been working on that.  Looking at that mega-training next spring just scares me and makes me doubt, or at best wonder, can I do that?  Forget the event. Can I do that kind of training anymore.  A wiser person would pull the plug and get out of the danger zone as quickly as possible.  

And so I go on planning my training misery.   This is where I have decided to go and the only thing left to do is to "make straight the path."  Such is life as well.  "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."  I have resolved not to fail due to lack of planning but only if my plan fails.  So, I ask for prayers in planning this adventure.  I ask for prayers to have the faith, the trust, and perseverance to complete this beasts, that is "run the race that set before me."

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ironman Training Week 1 - Something New - Bless Me On My Journey

 Day before yesterday I began another Ironman Journey.  This is to lead to April 23, 2022.  I will be 78 competing as a 79 year old and that doesn't look that good from here.  There is a good chance I will be the oldest one doing the event, but so what? 

Even if it comes to naught, I have before me 32 weeks of training and I love that experience.  It is a saga all its own.  It has gone well thus far.  Impediments to training have already surfaced and will have to be dealt with but they didn't catch me by surprise this time.  

I have resolved to lose about 15 pounds before the event which requires that I do without chips, cookies, refined sugar (except during training) and go to bed at a regular hour to get adequate rest.  I already eat a plant based diet (no meat, no fish, no cheese, no dairy, minimal sugar, and bad fats consuming lots of vegetables and fruits and nuts and whole grains. )  

I am also going to ramp up my morning strength/flex sessions in the mornings and be more consistent.  Already I do 60 push ups a lot of days plus some light weight workouts.  So, I am not coming at this cold turkey. 

And for personal and spiritual development, I will read my Bible every day and practice deep breathing and personal prayer and meditation.  I think I have have a good plan if I can just continue to execute it well.  This is not as fearful and apprehension producing as other ironman training attempts.  There is not much to lose and much to gain from this journey.  Bless me again.