Sunday, May 19, 2019

Who Am I Listening To

No, I wasn't paying attention making that turn-around and my bike fell over and I land squarely on the back of my ribs. Do I have a broken rib? I am not sure.  But it hurts. But it is getting better slowly.

All this pain and limitation make me cognizant how important capability is.  When I was in good health I had to fight the mind games I played on myself to get out of doing my morning strength and flexibility exercises.  Now, I wish I had the capability to do them all.

And, get this, all of the injury stuff happened within 24 hours of me signing up for Ironman Texas yet again.  Does God want me to stay home or is this part of game plan of evil to thwart what God has called me to try to do?  Who am I listening to?  I think I know and therefore, I am going on.  Something really great must be in store for me at the end of this journey.   That's what I am going with; my story; my song.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

God Is Not In This

Several weeks ago I pulled out of the ironman effort.  Health issues were the final straw that broke the camel's back.  Come to find out the health issues weren't that serious but bear consideration under the extremities of ironman efforts right now.

The water at my swimming location was so cold I had to wear a full wetsuit in the pool.  The weather has been so wet and cold that outside bike riding was all but nothing.  The wet conditions had made the trails I run on slick and dangerous to falls.  The county road I used to run on when my trials were wet and slick has been taken over by a pipeline construction project creating bad running conditions there whereas I spent a lot of time on the soggy ditch dodging 18 wheelers going back and forth on that narrow road.  No mas!

Sense and sensibility seems to be coming back.  Right now I am more rested than I have been in many years.  I haven't been afraid of taking days off and sort of broke that spell.  In short, I guess I am getting accustomed to being on an ordinary journey leading the ordinary life expected of me.

Truth is that I am proud of all the recovery; proud of the things I have accomplished since backing off, but I am staring to get tired of trying to jump up high enough to see the world outside the rut I am in.  Yes, I know God was not in my ironman effort, but I know also He isn't through with me yet. I will continue to jump to see what is the over the edge of the rut;  what God has in store for me.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Four Months Later And Still No Wiser

Four months since my last post.  It seems I found myself saying the same thing and just got bored with myself.  I can imagine how the readers felt.  But, here I am on January 5, 2019 talking about ironman training once more.  What's to say?  It is going well, physically.  I am not injured and a lot of the larger workouts have  been done.  But, many have not and I am concerned that I just don't have it anymore; that I can't grind it out like I once did  I look at the hard, long training and think, do I really think I can do this?

I guess  self doubts are the villains of any project, purpose, or goal.  If that is true, it at least proves that I am partially normal.   Tonight I writes while in sweaty shirt from a trainer ride.  Lots of trainer rides.  Just got a wild hair to post on my blog.  Who knows, training delirium, I suppose.  The last post talks of rain, rain, rain.  That was in September and since then what have we had: rain, rain, rain; the wettest year ever here. I have ran on slick and mushy trails at a safe pace that can barely be called movement.  Riding outside is so limited that I go for weeks now without an outdoor ride.

It won't rain always, they say.  But they- whoever they is - say a lot of things that - as they say - ain't necessarily so.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ironman Diary - Days 24-25

Storms about and the humidity has been awful  Got most of the training in, and today did an outside bike ride - first in over a month.  Did it feel good or what?   Storms are rumbling in my ears as I write this, and I want another outside ride.  Somehow, outside rides require more of me and  give more to me than indoor trainer rides.  There was a feeling of freedom as I stepped away from the robotic training of indoor rides. Oh sure, I will do lots more of those indoor rides before this is over, but I can stannd it better because I know what is out there if I endure the hum-drum, build the fitness, and take it out to try out on the hills and wind.

It is like faith, I suppose.  You can pray.  You can read devotionals. You can read the Bible but to really get to know God - I have found - you have to take it outdoors and  share it  by your example out on the roads of life.

Next week, no storms are forecast, and I look forward to taking it on the road in Jesus Name.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ironman Diary - Days 22-23

Rainy, stormy weather and training is hard to get in on my slippery trails. But everyone training for a big event has to overcome their own slippery trails to get to the starting line.  Hurricanes may hit some areas soon and they have their slippery trails to endure which are much more serious than anything I  am trying to endure. 

So today, I  pray for the people in the areas that might be challenged by hurricanes and storms in the next week  or so.  And who knows that it may be this area; it might be us that gets hit by one or more of these.  It is good to know that hope; that eternal Hope that sustains us in all weathers. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ironman Diary - Day 21

Three weeks into this and already the journey has been a tug-of-war.  It is amazing how I don't think I am doing good but when I look back, I see that I have done pretty good for an older guy.   There is not much to compare myself against.   It is  hard to know just how good I am doing because folks my age don't usually do this kind of thing. I think I am must not be a friendly person anymore because I don't have as many friends and family.   Truth is:  most of them are dead or they have succumbed to the expectations of conventional wisdom and have grown more mature by the time they reach my age.

But tonight I feel good about my consistency and am grateful to God for the health, the opportunity, and the passion to do this.  I would suppose that as long as I am truly grateful, growing mature isn't yet required. 

I ran in a pouring rain today and reveled in it.  Except for the slippery footing in the woods on the trail, it was one of the best runs this year.  I think for most of us life is just too tame most of the time and that deep inside there is the younger you wanting to get out to experience something to be grateful for; perhas a run in the rain?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ironman Diary - Days 19-20

Yesterday I used a heart rate monitor on my run.  After starting it was apparent, I was in the right place. Usually, I have trouble getting my heart rate over a 100, but not today.  I was breathing harder, running faster, and holding 120 plus. Yes ! What encouragement!  I felt like a young man again being able to have a normal heart rate for this.   Not much can take the place of a day when you can feel young again.  At this age, I should pursue days like that.  Like God told Joshua in the book of the same name: (paraphrase)  "I know you are old and stricken in years, but I still have work for you to do.  You ain't through till I say you are."  Yeah, that seems the only reasonable outlook to aging up in a tough sport.

Today, I ate too much cereal that bloated my stomach and I had a long run to do.  Nutrition is going to be my downfall if I don't get on top of this.  But, it was good training, that is, to keep going on a sour stomach and in the heat, yes, great training for endurance  This is not called endurance sports for nothing.  And today, I endured and ran in horrid humidity for an hour and 50 minutes.   Does it seem obvious I am happy, very happy about this day?  Happy? Yes:   blessed? Most assuredly.