Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'll Come Back

Finished, finally finished. The accounting-with pictures-of my triathlon life; my triathlon scrapbook is finished. I hope I am not finished also, but finishing this work was one of the ways I am preparing for it. All thirty-six events are documented in this work. No, I am not trying to sell it. In fact, I will only get three to four copies printed. Of course, I want my grandchildren to have copies. They may not remember me, but at least, when things gets unbearably predictable and sane, they can see that they do have a heritage of something a little off dead center; something fun, rewarding, challenging, and inspiring. Who knows the impact

My plan is not original, but came from the movie, "The Notebook." When I can't go anymore; when I can barely remember who I am, I would like some caring person to show this "notebook" to me and read it to me. Maybe some of it will come back to me, and I will smile at the wonderful life, full of great memories. And if I am gone, and the work inspires those I leave to try harder, reach higher, become more, I will smile from heaven. By their reading this work, I will have come back.