Monday, January 9, 2012

A Certain Joy

Great day! My son and I rode hard in places, slowed to talk in others. It could have been our last ride together in a very long time, perhaps ever. Yet, there was no sadness; only the moment: the thrilll of the ride, the peace of the relationship, the joy in those moments. Coming back, it started to get darker and rained on us. Riding in the half light and rain, trailing one another, it was symbolic of the times in our lives. In life too, we are riding together into an indistinct future with difficulties to be confronted and overcome. But God will be there too.

Yet, we rode on into the rain, even with a certain joy of confronting the elements and the unknowns. No matter what happens, we will have that. And I thank God for that the joy as those moments live on.