Monday, January 30, 2012

My Season: Yeah, I Am Scared a Bit

Today I officially kick it off. I am going for it again. My plans are to do the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman June 24th.

Word is that this is one tough Half Ironman. Last year temperature got up to 112 and the winds supposedly blow hard all the time. And hills? Some of the biggest and baddest. At least that is the report I have been getting from race reports from:

Yeah, I am scared a bit. They have Kona slots there though. There is always the chance that I could place well and get the chance to enter the big one: the World Championship in Hawaii. Then I looked at the participant list and nine other old geezers have signed up. My age group will contain the best of the best from all over. Yeah, I am a little intimidated.

But, I'm prayed up over it. I know how it must feel to succeed at this, but I am pretty good at getting beat and getting over it by now. Getting up off the floor is my speciality. Someday, maybe a bouquet.

In the meantime, I have a half marathon to do in about 4 weeks. Almost forgot that bad boy, in my trepidation over Buffalo Springs.

Oh yes, there is the Athens Triathlon (a sprint). Must not forget that.

Then another sprint in the Woodlands, Texas: the CB & I Triathlon. Usually tough competition there.

Yeah, I have a lot to worry about before I face down the heat, hills, wind, and competition at Bufflao Springs. And that is the only the first half of the year. I am leaving that open for now. Who knows? As long as I am breathing; as long as I can finish; there is always the chance that I could win a slot to either the half ironman championships in Las Vegas or the Kona slot. And If I fail, I know I have been blessed in the joy and hope of the efforts. And if I fail, God willing, I will get up again.