Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Wheeling Easy

Things were a little tough out there. Previous bike rides had been great. That day, I felt like I was dragging something behind my bike; just couldn't seem to get the rhythm. The hills were especially difficult. The down hill runs weren't as fast. Everything was sluggish. Still it was a good day because I was out there, and I could do this. As dead as my bike felt, I felt alive and blessed.

After getting home I notice that my front brake looked a little close. I worked the lever and the caliper didn't move that much. When I opened the calipers with my hand, they sprung apart. The brake was sticking and, I had done that ride with it dragging a bit. No wonder it felt sluggish.

The next ride was free wheeling easy and I wonder how many other little things are putting up a slight drag to keep me from having the ride in life that God would have for me. What part of my life and habits are stuck in closed position, keeping me from getting up to speed to free wheeling easy, on hopes and dreams out there on the course?