Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 80: Not Alone

Beautiful falll evening in the woods here and I haven't trained yet today. It's Ok. In the last couple of days I have endured more back pain than I can remembeer; took a fall over my trainer bike this morning, and had my shifter cable snap and chain come off while riding outside. But, the fall evening is just beautiful with the sun shining through the various colored trees. Though I am concerned about the long term prospects of my back, my world is at peace.

Call it overconfidence, but I know that what I need is there. I was shown that in the power and stamina I had for the bike ride yesterday; in the way I could work outside, shoveling, driving a tractor, today. God has given me the tools to continue on this journey, to remain at peace when the wheels of life come off.

Ahead there are many concerns and who knows what will have to be faced. Whatever, I will not face them alone. There is the support of my family and love and guidance of God and where and to what He leads, I will follow His miles of the journey.