Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 78: Where the Grip On Life Is

This back pain is getting serious. It comes and goes, but I wish it would just go. Can't find the cause, but today I split some wood, and the pain kept getting worse. Ah, that's it; the wood splitting. No more wood splitting for a while. That seemed to make sense when I went for my hour and fifteen minute run. My back hurt like crazy to begin with then the pain got less and less the more I ran. Ah, the wood splitting: got to be it all right. Then the 1200 yard swim; good stroke; feels OK; got to be the wood splitting. But after the ride home, I could barely get out of the car. The intensity of the pain almost made me sick at my stomach No, it is not just the wood splitting, is it?
So, here it is my birthday and I am wondering what is going on with my back. This is not the birthday present I had hoped for. What now?

Yes. If this training business doesn't work out, I will finish writing my book a little sooner. My back hurts. There is concern. Sure there is great disappointment. There is uncertainty in my ability to do a lot of things in the future but yet, there is peace about that too. I know that I may be "cast down but not destroyed." And it is comforting that my grip on life is not dependent on my training but only upon God. How long I will be able to experience this lifestyle: I don't know. But my hold and my Hope rests not with my circumstances but upon faith in the Giver of Hope and Life Himself. The grip on life is in His hands.