Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 74: What Sustains and Endures

1.75 mile swim today. It wasn't too bad; didn't feel that tired. Got home, laid on the couch, and woke up an hour and forty minutes later feeling like I have been on a bad drunk. How in the world can I call myself an endurance athlete when I can't go on a swim without cratering?

I can't. This afternoon it reminds me yet again that I am in way over my head. Only an act of God will get me through this training. Only the power of God can get me through this journey. Such a life lesson here. I found out today about a friend and triathlete who is battling cancer; a fine Christian man, but only the power of God can sustain him in these trials. He has been through endurance sport training like I and has learned as I keep getting reminded that, in the final analysis, only the power of God will sustain us, supporting us to endure. And in the end of this life on earth, the answer will still be the same learned in training and in training our faith through life's struggles, that only the power of God endures, now, and, praise God, forevermore.