Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 76: Flying Lessons

Did my best 7 mile I have done in a long, long while. Then got in a quick swim of 1000 yards; really swam well: a good day. I have found that oftentimes the problem with recovery is post exercise nutrition; just not the right stuff at the right time. There is so much to get right in this. It is like the body is a finely tuned piece of equipment and the input as far as training, rest, and nutrition have a dramatic impact on its performance.

The Bible says we are "beautifully and wonderfully made" and I believe that. We have no idea the possibilities God has placed within us until we sort of get out there on free fall sometimes. Like the saying goes, "God will either catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to fly." I have been caught by God many times. Perhaps, this is the time I will fly.