Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 79: Changing Lives

Today, after a day off - more or less -, my back isn't any better. Yesterday, I put up a new, more comfortable trainer bike as if I can have hope of using it in the future. And, I guess I do have a hope. I have wondered: if this doesnt get better, will I be beaten by it. What if there are no more mountains to climb, rivers to forge, trails to travel? Could I be content with the growth that would surely occur in adopting a less vigorous lifestyle? That would take some getting used to. I am sure I would learn a lot from something like that, but can I accept a life reduced intensity challenges? After all, I am getting up there in age. Lots of stuff hurts. I have already done a whole lot. Why not give this other lifestyle a chance? Rest, remember, and take time to enjoy the many miles already traveled. Don't think that lifestyle hasn't been seriously entertained lately, especially so every time I get up from a chair and my back kills me.

But, God set me on this course: the miles of the journey wher I am is supposed to travel from "can" to "can't". My prayers tell me I haven't reach "can't" yet. My prayers ask me, "did you think this was going to be painless and easy?" When it is time to give up and change lives, I won't wonder about it. I will be told, and I will know as surely as I know now I am supposed to continue these miles of the journey.