Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 77: A Forward Stepping Day

After a good day of training yesterday, things don't feel that great today. So far, I have only done a short run. Woke up this morning with pain on both sides of my lower back. The run seemed to have helped that after all the stretching stuff failed. Then there is the upset stomach with the acid reflux; not pretty. Got to start watching that intake better.

It seems that I have a great day - like yesterday - and then lose focus as if I have become invincible, untouchable against all the usual evils. I get overconfident very easily, I guess, and just don't keep the discipline momentum going.

I can see this happening in all areas of life, especially our faith life. Perhaps that is why as hard as I try, my growth is in fits and starts. Sometimes one step forward, two steps back but too, I have my good days when the forward steps vastly outnumber the backward ones. As I watch the beautiful sunset from this window, I am thankful for this learning experience. And I look forward to this same sun coming up on the other side of the house in the morning. Pray that I might keep my focus toward a forward stepping day.