Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ride It On Down: Climb Back Out

Trying to climb out of this training hole I seem to be in has been tough but I think I am on to something. Last year on the bike at the Couples Triathlon near Austin, Texas, I was really on a good roll. The big, bad hill they nicknamed "Quadzilla" had been overcome and I was close to finishing the bike and going strong. Excited about it all, I took the last corner too tight. My tire dropped off the jagged pavement edge and I found myself quickly heading down the ravine on the edge of the road. Two choices presented themselves immediately: lay the bike down, take the cuts, bumps and bruises or just ride it on down into the ravine. I chose to ride. It was a rough ride but at the bottom, I was able to stop, dismount, and climb back out.

In my present training I think I have slowed and dismounted at the bottom of my ravine, and have started climbing back out. It just feels like that.

Training, triathlon , and especially life puts the smack on us at times. We are presented with the choice of whether to lay it down or ride the ravine. For me, my best is usually to choose to ride, choose to be the person, the athlete God has chosen me to be.