Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Beautiful Picture

Watching a little lady doing a puzzle, a resident of the nursing home where my Mother is, I noticed she grouped all like piece in piles or bowls and worked on one area at a time. She has put together many puzzles of beautiful pictures this way.

Triathlon training is much like that. In our attempt to make that beautiful picuture of our performance, we group our training into the areas of swim, bike, run, nutrition, transition, strength training, and try to make the beautiful race, the stellar performance from all the little pieces.

So it seems with life also. We order our lives in little groupings and tasks and live our day to day but ultimately we are looking for our beautiful picture somehow within our reach but beyond our grasp. And the joy comes in the reaching, each day perhaps putting a piece into our puzzle, ever moving toward that beautiful picture just beyond the horizon.