Friday, May 7, 2010

Race Report CB & I Triathlon

It all seemed like I wasn't supposed to do the CB & I triathlon (500m swim-15 mi bike-5k run) in Woodlands, Texas this past Saturday. Friday, it looked like we were going to have race day thunderstorms. Then, in doing a final bike check, I find a sizeable slash on my back tire. I hate to do events on untried tire changes so after changing tires, I did a quick road check Friday. I kept wondering: Ok, now what next?

Next, it was raining when I dropped my bike off late Friday at the transition area. This all did not bode well.

Next morning though, it was just steamy; no rain. Great! The swim went OK though I took a shot on the jawbone from someone's elbow but it was a glancing blow. Things were looking better. The bike was just marvelous. I held the tempo and finished in about what I did three years ago on the same course. The run told the tale of my decreased fitness. Though it wasn't too much different than my other run times, it was worse than other times on this particular course. The main difference was the extent of determination and effort it took to just do average. Clearly, my overall fitness is not where it needs be just yet.

However, in that last mile, several runners, seeing my age of 67 on the back of my calf, congratulated me as they passed. One young lady passed and said, "67 ? Mister, you rock!" Another told me, "when I grow up, I want to be you." Bottom line was though, they were passing me as lots of folks were. Guess I am not fully ready to accept elder benefits and lower expectations just yet.

It was great at the finish with my family, my grandchildren along the sidelines cheering me on, taking pictures. What a day! Thank God I have lived to experience and appreciate those wonderful moments.