Thursday, May 6, 2010

Challenge and Expression

Entering the water to ready for the swim. The water is a little cold. Be ready to brace myself against that. The swim course will be crowded with lots of physical contact. The course has a lot of yellow buoys and the turnaround buoy is the same color as the rest. Be ready for all that. It is a longer than usual run to the large transition area. Be sure to remember how I plan to find my bike in all that. The bike course is flat and fast but don't go out too hard and blow up early. Should I save something for the run? Forget the run! Kill the bike and gut out the run. Be ready for that.

And so it goes, the many decisionsm in answer to the many challenges of the event become an expression of the life within me lived well. Thank God for those challenges for they carry over into challenge and expression in other areas of life and become part of the indelible fabric of whom and Whose I am.