Saturday, March 20, 2010

Training Against the Wind

Yesterday, As I left on my bike ride, I noticed that the wind was strong at my back. Fifteen miles out but the same fifteen back against the wind. I wanted to go and thought to myself, "good training." It was. I saved myself as best I could going out but sometimes the downhills with the wind at my back just begged for speed. It was fun. At the turnaround, I took down a gel a big drink and faced up to it. Whew ! Enough to take your breath away. Now the easy gears seemed like I was pedaling up a big hill.

About halfway through this gear pounding, I saw a rider coming my way. He stopped and we had a good conversation during which I found out that his wife had brain cancer and there was nothing much could be done except try to control it now.

When we parted and I thought about this man, his wife and all they faced, the wind didn't seem so bad after all.