Friday, March 12, 2010

300 yd swim - 13.8 mile bike - 5k run

It had been 16 days since the doctor released me following rotator cuff surgery. Athens is an event I have done four times previous. Just wanting to get back in it. Maybe I can see more or less where I was at. I prayed. A thought came to me that drafting on the bike is illegal but for me to get through this respectably I will have to be drafting on God.

I was careful on the swim with my shoulder and surprisingly my time was about what it has been before at Athens.
The bike was typical for me; start slow and build. As I built into the bike, I passed rider after rider. My strength on the bike was surprising.

My total running mileage for the year was only a little over twenty miles and I really didn't know what was in my legs after that bike leg. But I ran surprisingly well and never stopped. My overall time was not great but not all that bad either. I had finished respectably. Thankful beyond words, I almost teared up. At a large oak tree I thanked God for blessing me that day.

I went to the awards ceremony though I really had no expectations of winning a trophy. There were five of us in the 65-69 age group. When the third place was called and my name wasn't, I knew that I was out of the picture. The best I could have done would have been third...and they were really nice trophies too....number two was called and I clapped for him. Then, a time was called and the words rang out, "And first place goes to Marvin Dittfurth." I almost teared up again. After 31 triathlons I have never won first in my age group. I walked sort of dazed through the crowd, shook hands, and picked up my trophy. Coming back from surgery, wondering how able I was, yet claiming a prize I would have thought impossible that day. Maybe I was humble enough in this endeavor to be exalted?