Thursday, March 18, 2010

Knowing When to Say "No"

Getting back into a regular training regimen is not the smooth transition I hoped it would be. Over the months of limited and sporadic training, habits, ways of thinking, perceived priorities have crept into life. Now is appears as if I have relegated training to something to be done when all other tasks are done, all other people are satisfied. Training has become a "spare time" enterprise. The world has spun its web to make me believe that all that stuff is more important. So, it appears my body is more in shape for training already than my mental process is.

Thoreau wrote something to the effect that "our life is frittered away by detail." It has been my experience that the best way to stop or mitigate the slippery slope slide is firm resolution and understanding of purpose and true importance. With that firm resolution will come the ability to move on through the noise of protest to live out our own best life and not let our training time be "frittered away by detail."