Friday, March 5, 2010

Going to An Event...

Today, I am readying to go to Athens, Texas for the 25th Athens Triathlon. This has to be one of the oldest events and from four prior races, this is a good one. Lance Armstrong supposedly did this one many years ago. It is especially a good event for first-timers. It is a pool swim which I am never fond of. There is nothing like the adventure of a race start in open water. However, that aside, the Baptist Church has a free pasta dinner for participants and their families each year...really nice touch.

But I come to this event as sort of a first timer although it will be my 31st event if I complete it. It is the first real test of that shoulder operation eight weeks ago. From this experience I will get a benchmark on which to direct the rest of the triathlon seasn. May God bless my effort..