Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thanks and Priase.

So far as training goes this has been an incredible week thus far. In a way it is sort of surreal. Is this me? Why am I not more tire, beat up, and sore? Maybe I am not training hard enough?

The week started badly with my old bum knee giving me the blues. I couldn't finish the five mile run. But, I didn't get the blahs, the blues or get mentally beat up by it. If I am supposed to do this, it will happen; if not, it won't. Seems as if I finally have that one down, and it sure makes life easier.

The next day, the next, the next and the next were massive training days for me at this juncture of training; almost like a reward for a faithfulness finally attained. But, now the problem is going to be overconfidence and self-congratulation. Now, I find the sense creeping in that I am doing this all myself. It isn't true. Flattery of the self is so hard to turn away. I can feel that I have put praise on a back burner. For me, this is precarious place to be. "I need thee every hour, oh Precious Lord," the song goes. It is easy to pray in desperate times, but in times of plenty, in times of success, it is just as important to pray to praise. So today when I go out to do my ten mile run - a scary proposition - I want to lay myself and what I think I have accomplished aside and assume an attitude of thanks and praise. It may be that many athletes don't feel led to do all this, but I have been rescued countless times and given much more than I will ever deserve. So - "of whom much is given, much is required."