Saturday, February 27, 2016

Momentum of the Moment - The Left Turn Said Yes

The feeling could not be denied. Could it be a message? That 13 mile run attempt would be the deal maker or breaker for my ironman. I didn't recent it. No, I welcomed some closure on this one way or the other. My training has been testing limits of training load to catch up from all the down time and I still wasn't quite where I needed to be. The 13 mile run on my schedule seemed to be the teller of the tale.

The day before I did a one mile swim and that afternoon I did a 5 mile tempo run. Not the best prep for a long run, but in an ironman the run is done after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 bike ride. So this is about running on tired legs. Can I do this?

I didn't sleep that well the night before. Starting out I was slow and sleepy. My legs seemed sore and tired. The energy level seemed like I was about to bonk at 3 miles. Ok, this is my story. This is my song. It looks like this just isn't meant to be. I could not imagine pushing on for another 10 miles. Ok God. I think I got it. This was all for some reason I am not sure of, but I am sure you know the truth about it. Good enough for me God: no ironman.

I was coming up a hill on my trail that lead back to the house. Good enough, it is over. Half way up the hill, there is a junction where the trail I usually run on turns to the left. This time I would go straight and end this quest. As I neared the junction of the trails, I felt a sort of pull like on a car has when one front tire is flat. The momentum of the moment was changing from "take it home" to "take a left." There was little time to think; I turned left. Someone would not let me quit. Soon, the momentum of the moment had me in my zone, running a little quicker. The miles eroded away and I even began to feel better. My speed actually improved, and the last two miles were my best. I had done it! And, God had pushed me into a corner with this, as if to say yes, you are to do this. Yes, you are to keep on. Yes, it will be a beating. "Pay attention son. The left turn said yes." Now it is up to me to say YES to God.