Sunday, February 14, 2016

Forty Days: Chasing the Dream

It doesn't seem that long ago: forty days. Forty days ago I took myself off all medication. For forty days health, capability, motivation, and attitude have been going in the positive direction For forty days, my training has increased dramatically in an effort to make up the distance in my training between where I should be and where I am after the setback. So far so good. But, I am not where I should be yet, and I am not sure I can pull myself in line in time. Could be that I have lost too much time.

However, I am not sure. At the very least I am having a great time feeling this great; chasing this vehicle called fitness that seems to get closer then pull away. It is great: still chasing; still chasing the dream. Does it get any better than that to be chasing a dream at this age? Life has gotten richer the last forty days. The other day I went out on a long bike ride; came back and my wife had my recovery drink ready, a great meal prepared, and the bed made and coffee pot set up for when I wake up from my post-ride nap. The positive is contagious. I feel so blessed by all this. Perhaps this is my time: a special time to remember and smile about when "can" deteriorates to "can't" again.

It is ninety days until the event. Will I make the training? Not sure, but I am sure of one thing: God is in this. And, wherever He takes me, I will follow. After all, it is all about Him to begin with.

"Get your fire back. It's not over until God says it's over. Start believing again. Start pursuing what God put in your heart."