Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Depth of Gratitude

I am so glad I keep records of all this. This blog is like a record, if for no other purpose than to remind me who and where I have been along my Miles of the Journey. But today I reviewed my records to see how far I was down from that back and hip problem. Records show it was a good six weeks of it: not pretty. If I had not found out that the problem was medication, I cannot imagine where I would be right now with my health - what other medicines and procedure might I have tempted by in order to get relief? I dodged the bullet this time - praise God!

What I am left with is good health, and a body of ever increasing fitness, but most of all, I have been left with immeasurable gratitude - a thankfulness that makes me almost giddy to consider. It seemed that I was in a downward spiraling free fall into a sort of abyss. But, as deep as I fell, is how high I must climb to get out of this hole. And, the deepness of this hole I feel into is the depth of the gratitude I now have for the strength and the will to be climbing out of it. It is beyond me to feel anything but blessed. If it all falls apart tomorrow I thank God for today.