Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pushing Back the Fog

What does it mean that the 90 mile ride beat me up a bit? Could it mean "too much, too soon/" Could it mean "too old, too late?" could it mean early; too tell?" Yeah, I got off the bike and the old bum knee was on strike for better working conditions. My neck and shoulders were burning from the six plus hour ride. Is all that enough to run from?

This morning there is a fog and though I can see a hundred yards or so, still, I can't see all I would like to. That pretty much describes it. There are no answers and I can't see as far ahead as I would like to. Then the thought: in order to see farther ahead when vision is limited to a hundred yards, keep moving forward. With each step into the fog, vision is increased. In a sense, by moving forward, the fog is pushed back.

I need a run today. And, I will be stepping out into the fog to see as much as God would have me see today of this journey.