Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "Want-To" Is Back

This just feels right. Who knows what is causing it. I just know that I feel healthy, alive, mentally, physically, and spiritually ready to roll on into this next season. The "want-to" is back and moving in. Yeah, I am rested up, pumped up, prayed up, and my bikes on the wall are seductively saying, "Take me, take me."

At the same time, my running shoes are saying, "No, take me!"
So I will satisify both by doing a brick run after the bike today.

Then my swim stuff is whispering, "Hey Big Boy, have you forgotten me?"
OK, OK, I will go to the pool afterwards.

Yesterday as I was running, my knees hurt some and my legs were a bit tired as I finished my run. In my heart though, came a voice, "This is great, come on, let's do one more loop."