Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living Strong

This Livestrong ( ) bracelet has been worn almost a year now. Cancer claimed my brother-in-law John almost a year ago now. I have worn it in his honor; in his memory.

In November of 2010 I did a half-ironman distance event in his honor; wore his picture on my back, but he died in March. John is not the first person I have raced for, prayed for, that has been lost. Over the last few years, I have worn many yellow bracelets for many of those with cancer. When on the bike as I am looking down at my arms and hands, I see the yellow bracelet or bracelets, and pray for the ones that the bracelets are being worn for. Despite the hundreds of prayers, cancer has still claimed many that I have prayed for.

But some have survived to live strong. Some prayers were answered "yes." And with this hope for those in peril, I will still go on wearing my yellow bracelets, still go on praying for the people and against their cancers, still go on training with the "yes" for life I have been given to live strong. In many ways, the bracelets are for me as well.