Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fluid Power

When it works right, it is like a well oiled machine, only better. When it all comes together, there is something in the fluid integration of the body, that makes me smile. It has been felt in shooting baskets, in the perfect swing of a baseball bat, the perfect golf swing.

Today, I did a 61 mile bike tour on the rolling hills in and around the national forest near Huntsville, Texas. It went really well, validated my training and peaked my motivation for more. There were times during this ride that it all seemed to flow together in the pedal stroke; it was smooth, coordinated and complete. My legs seemed to be on auto-pilot, during these times, as if it knew what to do all along, if freed to be itself. And in riding in the wind with this fluid power going for me today, I felt especially blessed, and freed. It seems sometimes that training isn't about becoming as much as it revealing what is already there.