Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Did That Smile Come From?

What a great run !! The tempo just built and built like a good movie and when it was over there was a joy and thankfulness that sometimes come with a workout well done.

Driving home in my truck, thinking of nothing important in particular, I noticed that I was smiling. At first I felt a little stupid and I wondered what folks that I passed must have thought about this old geezer grinning, going down the road. Then smiling even broader at my smiling, it sort of hit me. I am happy. I am at peace with myself, others and God. I am happy.

Presently, I have all kinds of dragons and demons to face, I didn't hit the lottery and I surely don't have near enough money. Everyone in my family is not healthy. Things are a long way from being perfect in my life, but God has given me reason to be happy; a reason to smile.

So if you see someone grinning to himself as he drives down the road, don't laugh. He just may be happy and it may just be me.