Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitten by a Dog

Today as I was trying to get out of the town, I rat terrier cross ran toward me barking. It didn't chase but went straight for the leg and bit me. I was enraged ! The owner was in the yard hollering for the dog to come back, but I have never known a dog owner's hollering to ever have made a dog come back. Actually, I think the hollering only inflames the dogs to more purposeful attacks.

The owner was confronted and I was shown where the dog had its shots. After many apologies from the owner, I left. But, my zeal for a great bike ride today was blunted. All that remained was the smoldering ruins of my anger.

Now to put all this behind me; recapture my soaring spirit; just give it to God and move on to "the race set before me."