Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feed the Spirit

There is a story some have heard about an old Indian telling the young Indian about two wolves: a bad wolf and a good wolf. The wolves are always struggling and fighting. The young Indian asks the old Indian which Wolf wins and the answer is "the one you feed."

My 95 year old Mother was asked by a doctor today whether she wanted a scooter or some more treatment to try to partially repair her bad knees. Without wavering she said "more treatment." She had the choice of resignation or to continue to "feed her spirit."

We all have that choice; everyday when the training gets tough, when the hill is hard, when the wind is in our face forever, when stuff hurts in a race and we just don't think we can continue to go forward: we can "feed our spirits" or resign to a lesser self. I think I know which choice God would be proud of.