Friday, April 9, 2010

Pool Inspiration

Yesterday as I entered the pool area of the gym, I saw a woman swimming laps. What great form she had. She did some laps using the breast stroke, then some with the back stroke and moved so smoothly through the water. Her stroke cadence seemed especially high and I thought that she wouldn't last long going like that.

However, even after I had swam 800 yards the lady was still at it, never backing off a bit from that cadence. What an athlete I thought! How does she do that? She lapped me so many times I stopped trying to keep up. I had almost swam a mile when she finally got out of the pool. What an inspiration!

Most of the time I am the best swimmer in that particular pool-not because I am all that good- and it is me lapping the others. A lot of the usual swimmers are there just doing their best to muddle through for the exercise. No disrespect to these swimmers but next to them, I might seem a pretty good swimmer- big fish; little pond. It might seem a bit strange but it was so good to be humbled a bit; to know, to fully realize the capacity for performance that is there and to be provided a model of athleticism to be inspired and motivated from. No surprise then that this day my cadence went up considerably and I swam a half mile more than I had planned on.