Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Again

Would the shoulder hold up? Only 8 weeks from surgical repair of a severe tear in my rotator cuff, and I was doing the Athens triathlon. Just take it easy, roll on through, and just get it done. I had done this grand old triathlon many times, so I didn't expect any surprises. But there was one: I won first place in my age group-a first for me. And, I thanked God for the surgical success, the rapid healing, and recovery beyond my most bold expectations.

That was two years ago - though I have aged up - I am in much better condition, and am so looking forward to turning all the dogs loose on this one. I love this event. Perhaps, just being there; revisiting that comeback, I will recover and retain a certain amount of boldness in faith that gets mitigated somewhat in safe, predictable living. Perhaps, like the song says, "I want to be wild again."