Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He Is Us

This bike course used to be tough. Nothing has changed about the course or the landscape. Perhaps, it is my landscape that has changed.

Today, I took my truck in to be serviced, and while all that was going on I did the old bike route I have done occasionally over the years. It has some hills, it can be windy, and I thought it a little tough.

Today, it didn't seem that tough. The hills were not that steep. Even when a headwind came up, blowing 20-25 mph, the course still did not seem that hard; not as hard as I remembered on even on good weather days.

There was a good feeling about this ride to go with the good nastalgia. There have been gains if only in my thinking. Perhaps there are other things I might consider too daunting to try. Perhaps, there are other courses of action I consider just out of the range of my ability. Perhaps, I am my own number one limiter. Maybe, like the saying goes, "I have met the enemy and he is us."