Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loving Something

Once I worked with a man who did rodeo. He was as avid about it as I was endurance sports. We were so different, yet so much the same. One day we were telling each other about our events and he said, "Marvin, everybody needs to love to do something."

Surrounded by all we might fear, encumbered by a myriad of responsibilities, being passionate about something, doing something we love, gives us another vantage point. It gives us perspective from which to ascertain the true value or actual seriousness of lives too often motivated by what goes, boo! Too often, living in a rut of doing what is expected, all we can see is the sides of the rut. Doing something we love gives us a peek over the edge of the rut, to glimpse that bright and beautiful world that is possible for all.