Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gosh, That Was Great!

That half ironman distance triathlon had some problems. There were some glitches. I could write a piece on all that could have been improved, but I won't. When I reflect upon the totality of the whole experience, I cannot but say, "Gosh, that was great!" All the negatives seem to have drifted off behind of the remaining cloud of euphoria, which colors my memory, and shapes my spirit.

There is a lesson there for me as well. Perhaps, I could be a little bit more understanding of the imperfections in other people and in myself. Life is not a perfect event. Perhaps, there should be more room made for acceptance, forgiveness, and mercy? And so, when it comes my time for my event on earth to end - when I reflect upon the totality of life's experience - I might better to be able to have that singular thought I have about the half ironman: Gosh, that was great!