Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Run on the Wild Side

It was good to hear that coyote howl across the field in the dark before dawn. It seems that every so often, trappers are hired to thin the coyote population. Several months can pass sometimes without hearing that lonesome howl.

The distant yard-dogs yapped discordantly compared to the smooth calling of the coyote. Being about half wild and half nutz myself, I just let out a howl. The coyote answered and I howled again. Two coyotes answered. I howled again and now coyotes were answering all around. Great! And, I left them to talk among themselves, and went for my run. I had no idea the area had so many coyotes. And, I was glad; I was encouraged.

Perhaps, within me, previously unknown, are as many efforts, as much passion akin to wildness as I found to be coyotes in the darkness. Perhaps, I should become a little wild sometimes, and defiantly howl out of my darkness, until day dawns finding me running anew with a bolder spirit. Do I want to be a fenced-in, yapping dog, or a howling coyote, free upon the earth.