Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Will Be Well

I finished a half-marathon today. No special performance; no sprints to the finish; no award; just a journeyman effort: a dressed rehearsal for the run for my half-ironman distance event in two weeks.

This was the Huntsville Half, held each year in October on the hills of Huntsville, Texas. Over the years, I have done many half marathons and this is the toughest: double loop with one hill after another. The dead-give-away is that it is put on by the Seven Hills Running club...duh ! Do you reckon the course will be hilly?

This was my test, the end of the more intensive training, and the beginning of my taper to event. Soon, very soon, it will be show time! And, in this beginning, I realize that there is not much more I can do to improve my chances on race day except avoid messing up and doing something stupid. Now I have to have faith in my months of training, get in the water on race morning and go. Scary? Yes, it will be scary...but like the song says, "when it's scary don't look down." And, I won't. But I will look up, pray, offer myself and my training effort to God. Once that's setttled, there will be peace and it will be well.