Monday, October 25, 2010

Leave a Path

There is an old road here by my place that is still being used. It is unknown who opened it or why but the path has remained.

Last Saturday I was doing a half marathon and I saw my wife, son, and two very young grand daughters cheering for me on the corner. I danced a little to the music that was playing nearby, and they danced to it too. As I passed their corner and strode up the big hill, my youngest grand daughter said, "I want to run with Pop-Pop." *(that's what they call me for some reason)

It makes me smile. They have seen me do a triathlon and leave on several bike events, and now they have seen me run. Perhaps, I am introducing them early to this splendid lifestyle. Perhaps, their lives will be enriched by the early influences of this old geezer, plodding to do his best. Perhaps, I will leave a path.

What remains is not about what you picked, but what you planted.