Monday, August 9, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Three months to go until the big one. Got the final part of my plan laid out and it is not going to be easy. But what worthwhile is easy? Within that schedule are a few events like a bike tour, a half marathon and possibly a triathlon. The triathlon: To stay or to go; that is the question. I have done this one five times and it was my first triathlon many years ago. Memories? History? Nostalgia? You bet. But, perhaps it is time to let all that go and move on? But first a review:

Early morning, clear water, a good practice swim done, feel good; really alive.

The swim start !! I am in it ! A few elbows, kicks, someone grabbing my ankle: Yes !

Now, it's really getting good ! Out of the swim. Gosh, this is great!

Is there anything better than being older and still being able to play and have toys and go bike riding in the Hill Country of Texas.

The Run: The mistakes, the cost of early exhuburance demands payment now. It is warmer, harder but I wouldn't be anywhere else.

The Finish !! Another validation and celebration of the efficacy of training and the lifestyle itself.

To continue the review: Remember that smile on my face as I went to the transition area to get my bike? Remember being caught up in that moment and for a brief episode, that is all there was, and it was enough.

YES! I should I go back: Not just for the history, the nostalga, but to reclaim and proclaim that better part of myself, to sing the sweet and inspirational song of today.